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About Our CHurch and pastor

  About our Church

    Mountain Valley Baptist Church is tucked away in the quaint little town of Challis, Idaho. Although we may not be a large church, we firmly believe that we can still do great things for the Lord, in our community. There are roughly 1,000 people in our tiny town, and it gives us the opportunity to know our people on a more personal level. God has done wonderful things and we are honored to be able to watch His handiwork. Our congregation is more like a family , and we always enjoy seeing new faces in our midst. We have many different outreach programs, including Sunday School and Junior Church classes, Kidz Klub program on Friday mornings, and adult outreaches as well. In the summer we enjoy hosting Vacation Bible School and attending  Independent Baptist Camp in Ogden, Utah. Our annual Family Sportsman Barbeque, and Men's Trail Ride are other great events that help us reach out into the community. As stated earlier, we believe that God has great plans for our church and the people surrounding us. We would love to have you visit!

Meet our pastor
Pastor Scott Sinz and Family

 Pastor Sinz grew up in Butler, Pennslyvania until he left for college where he met his wonderful wife, Tammy. They were blessed with four children Barak, Kandra, Colton, and Nehemiah. Barak met Haley at college and  they were married a few years ago. They have since added sweet little Daisy to the clan. 

  God called Scott to be an evangelist when he was in high school. He traveled to many different churches throughout the years. God called their family to the Northwoods of Wisconsin for a few years, and then to the cornfields of Iowa for another six years. Working in the church as well as preaching in evangelism allowed him to learn to rely on God and follow the Lord's leading. God's guiding hand led him to the beautiful mountains of Idaho, where he became the pastor of Mountain Valley Baptist Church in 2017. Since that time God has used Him in many different ways to lead His flock of believers.


He has a lot of experience working in kids ministries as well as bus routes. He has been able to use this knowledge to start a few new programs at the church. Pastor Sinz has a great desire to see souls saved. This desire pushes him to come up with new ways to reach the people in his community. The Lord has blessed in some miraculous ways, and he is very happy that God has chosen him to be a small part in his plan for Challis and the surrounding areas.

In his free time he enjoys chasing elk in the mountains with his kids, or working with wood in the garage. 

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